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VIRTUOSIC 2014 - Technical Fest

Posted by virtuosic2014 , Feb 12, 2014
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EVENT TYPE: Technical Fest
ORGANISED BY: S.S.P.M. College of Engineering
LOCATION: Kankavli, Maharashtra
EVENT DATES: 12th - 15th March 2014
LAST DATE (to apply): 11th March 2014
WEBSITE: virtuosic.in
Virtuosic 2014:'Redefining Brilliance' - a definition most suitable for the Sindhudurg Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’s College of Engineering’s (kankavali) National level Technical Extravaganza!

The S.S.P.M COE brings to you the Virtuosic Technical Fest which promises to blow away all the memories of your previous presentations, expectations and surprise you more than you can imagine!

A chance to learn and show case you’re well known talents as well as your inner self to other youngsters who harbor dreams similar to yours!

Project Exhibitions, workshops, gaming zone and contests, Expert lectures and guest lectures from well renowned professors that will definitely help you in the choosing of your career – but this is just the tip of the iceberg! There is more!

Prizes to the brilliant and very deserving students from across the city - interaction with PowerPoint presentations, robotics, coding, live-in concerts and a brand new way of presenting this extravaganza through the eyes of those who dream big, are what make up the major part of this majestic event.

The word 'Virtuosi' in itself revolves around the various talents and crafts, a person owns and possess!
Talents hidden inside us...
Talents which are guaranteed to bubble out in this mega Tech-Fest!

This Tech-Fest not only consists of all the technical games and contests but also has various other attractions for the not-so-technical crowd.
The display of interest by major companies in this particular event will be seen during the various seminars that will be held by them along with the ongoing technical sports.
Having bagged the sponsorships from major companies the S.S.P.M COE VIRTUOSIC Technical Festival has already become more than just a National Level event before its opening!

An excellent way of increasing your bank of knowledge and creative ideas at a minimal cost is what we have aimed for!

Success solely depends on us - the new generation.
This is not just a mere Technical Festival but the beginning of a gigantic phenomenon!!

A little sneak-peak into the multiple highlights of this mega-event:

Debate ~
A formal debating contest which highlights the most common and intriguing technical topics which have been talked about in the fields of technology and science. This is just the beginning of a creation of ideas and thoughts guaranteed to grab the eyes many students.

Workshops ~
Do you want to cope up with the state of the art technologies and want to have an enjoyable experience with the bonus of increasing your practical knowledge? Then this is the right event for you to choose! With the formats and guidelines from counselors and a one-hour session on networking topics necessary for your budding career, these workshops will aid you in every way possible.

Seminars ~
Lectures from well renowned professors and PPT presentations from our own students that include an extraordinary collection of thesis and IEEE topics will excite anybody with a healthy interest in the technical field.

Project Exhibition ~
Theoretical and practical knowledge set up in a museum like setting with various devices, machines, robots and other practically implemented project are very eye-catching and entertained by the hard workers that have no doubt spend their entire time perfecting the little details of their dream plans.

LAN Gaming ~
A gripping and exciting phenomenon that needs undivided attention till the very end, LAN gaming has made even the little kiddies eager for their time in the cyber cafes! This event will feature the most popular and compatible games that interest the large masses and small alike.
Workshop, Guest Lectures, Project Exhibition, LAN Gaming, Fun Games - Paint Ball, Full Throttle, Rocket Launcher.


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