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Internship cum Training on Internet of Things Bengaluru - Internship

Posted by unnikrishnanv555 , Nov 27, 2017
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EVENT NAME: Internship cum Training on Internet of Things Bengaluru
EVENT TYPE: Internship
ORGANISED BY: Avian Aerospace Training Center
LOCATION: Bangalore, Karnataka
EVENT DATES: 1st Dec to 31st Jan
Expectations from Interns @ Avian
We take up interns based on the passion they have towards technology and on few other qualities as listed
 Independent and self-driven
 Good communicator
 Innovative
 Enthusiastic to learn
 Basic subject knowledge- NOT there? NO PROBLEM. You are coming here to learn!
Duration of Internship
The company is offering internships for flexible durations keeping in mind the curriculum.
 1 week
 2 weeks
 3 weeks
 1 month
Who can participate?
 Engineering students from any stream any year
 Diploma Students from any stream any year
 Anyone who has interest in Robotics

How to Apply?
 Choose the duration and get the payment details from us
 Pay via credit/debit card or NEFT or IMPS or Direct Deposit
 Visit the company website go to corresponding internship page and click on duration, make the payment
 Once payment is done send the payment receipt and registration form
 We will send a confirmation mail

Payment Links
One Week : https://imjo.in/3UW9aD
Two Weeks : https://imjo.in/QHfTKF
Three Weeks : https://imjo.in/Bp2hzE
One Month : https://imjo.in/PnyRyK
Learning includes
 Understanding the buzz- Internet of Things?
 IoT system
 IoT architectures
 IoT communication protocols
 Selection of sensor – actuator based on projects
 Working of actuators (pump, relay or motor driver)
 Sensor calibration (ultrasonic sensor, soil moisture sensor)
 Understanding the controllers
 Developing real-time systems
 Home and Industrial automation
 IoT in Agriculture
 Mobile App development to control the system and monitor real-time data
*Medical IoT can also be taken up as a module (charges applicable separately)
*Our lab has a 3D printer facility also.

Avian Aerospace Training Center,
38, 4th Floor, SMS Arcade, Opp to Medal Clinic,
Horamavu, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore.

Contact Details
Phone : +91 8884249734, +91 9663367198
Email : contactus@avianaerospace.com, workshops@avianaerospace.com
www.avianworkshops.com, www.avianaerospace.com


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