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Robotics Internship Bengaluru - Technical Fest

Posted by arunkumar007lgs , Nov 27, 2017
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EVENT NAME: Robotics Internship Bengaluru
EVENT TYPE: Technical Fest
LOCATION: Bengaluru, Karnataka
EVENT DATES: 1/12/2017
LAST DATE (to apply): 31/01/2018
Why at Avian?
The interns DO NOT fetch papers or get involved in administrative tasks. The company follows a non-conventional approach towards internships by letting the interns learn by their own experiences instead of undergoing a classroom-teaching program. The interns are encouraged to take-up real-time problems and develop a problem solving approach towards it. Initially, the interns are exposed to practical implications of the theoretical knowledge acquired by them. Further, the interns form a part of the team to work on the projects that are currently running in the company.
• All participants will receive certificates from Avian Aerospace
• Students who indulge in and complete real time industrial projects will be awarded certificate of Merit
Insight of the Internship
As an intern, you will be working with a mentor at Avian, who will be your go-to person in case of doubts or guidance required. You will be the one taking initiative towards working in the domain you are interested in. The duration of the internship can be chosen by you, based on your availability and field of interest. We are flexible with the dates of the internship.
Learning includes
 Introduction to Robotics
 Sub-categories of Robotics
 Making your own Robot
 Selecting the body based on size and material
 Selection of control board (Microcontrollers)
 Understanding motors and actuators
 Choice of Sensors
 Integration of sensors in the system
 Modes of control for the Robot
 Remote control/ App Control
 Autonomous (sensor based control or image processing)
 App development
 Testing the Robot
 Developing the Robot for real-time applications
*Our lab has a 3D printer facility also.
Expectations from Interns @ Avian
We take up interns based on the passion they have towards technology and on few other qualities as listed
 Independent and self-driven
 Good communicator
 Innovative
 Enthusiastic to learn
 Basic subject knowledge- NOT there? NO PROBLEM. You are coming here to learn!
Duration of Internship
The company is offering internships for flexible durations keeping in mind the curriculum.
 1 week
 2 weeks
 3 weeks
 1 month
 3 months
 6 months

Who can participate?
 Engineering students from any stream any year
 Diploma Students from any stream any year
 Anyone who has interest in Robotics
How to Apply?
 Choose the duration and get the payment details from us
 Pay via credit/debit card or NEFT or IMPS or Direct Deposit
 Visit the company website go to corresponding internship page and click on duration, make the payment
 Once payment is done send the payment receipt and registration form
 We will send a confirmation mail

Payment Links
One Week : https://imjo.in/3UW9aD
Two Weeks : https://imjo.in/QHfTKF
Three Weeks : https://imjo.in/Bp2hzE
One Month : https://imjo.in/PnyRyK
Robotics Internship
Phone : +91 8884249734, +91 9663367198
Email : contactus@avianaerospace.com, workshops@avianaerospace.com
www.avianworkshops.com, www.avianaerospace.com


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