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Uttishtha E-Education Expo 2014 - E-education Expo

Posted by uttishtha , Apr 2, 2014
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EVENT NAME: Uttishtha E-Education Expo 2014
EVENT TYPE: E-education Expo
ORGANISED BY: Uttishtha E-Education Expo 2014
LOCATION: Ahmedabad, Gujarath
EVENT DATES: 6th - 9th June 2014
About Uttishtha e-Education Expo 2014
Uttishtha means arise, awake and be prepared. With this name and message, we want to bring new dimensions in current education sector. Uttishtha e-Education expo 2014 is India's first Exhibition of its kind.
The world has come together, innumerable career avenues have opened up, competition has increased. Breaking away from the traditional path of education, students are in search of careers that define their attitude and interest. In this race of global competition, it is very important to connect with the young generations, who have their goals set but want choices!
This expo will serve as a unique platform to link prestigious e-learning bodies with students, investors & industry professionals. It will be a platform where one can make contacts with e-learning providers.

Why e-Education Expo?
India has one of the largest education systems in the world with a network of more than 1 million+ schools and 18,000+ higher education institutions. More than half of the country's 1.2 billion population falls in the target market for education and related services. According to Ken Research, India e-Learning Industry to Reach USD 1.29 billion by FY'2018.
It's no secret that the training landscape has changed dramatically over the past ten years as e-Learning and mobile technologies have gone from early-adopter novelties to mainstream essentials. Online education is quickly becoming a major phenomenon around the world. The ease and convenience it offers learners appeal to people just about everywhere.

Uttishtha e-Education Expo 2014 - Edge:
If your company targets e-Learning industry, than this expo is not to be missed!
"Uttishtha e-Education Expo 2014" is India's first e-Education Expo. The expo assists with increasing awareness of your brand, not only through physical presence but also in pre event marketing and promotions. Exhibitors will have a chance to meet with prospective clients, organise meetings with existing customers, to demonstrate new products and services, to receive valuable feedback from your target audience and have the opportunity to network with other key e-learning educational suppliers.
Exhibiting at Uttishtha e-Education Expo 2014 will give you the opportunity to speak with thousands of education professionals under one roof over four days, saving you time, money and resources.
Uttishtha E-Education Expo 2014
Name - Chintan Shah
E-mail - sales@uttishtha.com
Phone No. - 9909907056


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