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iCodeFest'16 - Technical Fest

Posted by icodenature , Jul 10, 2016
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EVENT NAME: iCodeFest'16
EVENT TYPE: Technical Fest
ORGANISED BY: iCodeNature technology Solutions
LOCATION: Bangalore, Karnataka
EVENT DATES: 13th July-14th August 2016
iCodeFest’16 is the annual Techno-Management festival of iCodeNature Technology Solutions, India. This the second session of iCodeFest’16. iCodeNature Technology Solutions started organizing events in 2014 which served as a distinguished platform for entrepreneurs, innovators and technocrats to showcase their abilities to take a leap forward in redefining and revolutionizing the technology.
In the past two years, iCodeNature Technology Solutions has brought highly accomplished personalities from different branches of study from all over India under the same roof to provide an unparalleled learning experience to all its participants. iCodeNature Technology Solutions has been an extraordinary platform to showcase the latest developments in the field of Science and Technology exhibiting the scientific advances from all over India. It organizes a plethora of events all designed to make the participants step outside comfort zones and challenge the institution of conventional thinking.

Regn Link: https://www.townscript.com/e/icodefest16-reg
1. iCode C Challenge Finale (INR 200)- 31 July, 2016
2. iCode C++ Challenge Finale (INR 200)- 7 August, 2016
3. iCodeWeb Finale (INR 250)- 6 August-7 August, 2016
4. MATLAB Coder (INR 150)- 24 July, 2016
5. Algorithm Designer (INR 150)- 14 August, 2016
6. Java Developer (INR 300)- 30 July-31 July, 2016
7. .NET Developer (INR 300)- 13 August-14 August, 2016
8. iCodeKnight Coding Challenge (INR 150)- 30 July, 2016
9. Blogging Challenge (INR 400)- 1 August-14 August, 2016
10. Graphic Design Challenge (INR 200)- 23 July, 2016
11. Coding Assignment (INR 350)- 1 August-14 August, 2016
12. QUIZ ECE (INR 120)- 31 July, 2016
13. QUIZ EE/EEE (INR 120)- 31 July, 2016
14. QUIZ IT/CSE (INR 120)- 31 July, 2016

Name: Ahmed
Mobile: 9653838142
Email: support@icodenature.com
Alternative: event.icode@gmail.com


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