IBPS PO English Preparation Tips and Tricks

Whether IBPS or SBI, PO or Clerk, not everyone understands the necessity of preparing the English Section well. For many candidates, making it to the cut-off is their sole strategy in English section. This strategy makes sense if you're particularly weak in English. However, for an average candidate, English can be a lethal weapon in scoring Overall High Marks.

Solving a Maths/Reasoning question will get you the same marks as solving an English Question. But solving a Maths/Reasoning question can take from few seconds to several minutes. Whereas solving an English question barely takes 5-6 seconds (except for comprehension passage!).

By including English in your strategy to crack PO, you can gain an exceptional edge over your competitors in Final Cut-off.


Often the passages given in IBPS PO English section are quite tough and reading a lengthy tough passage is nothing but a waste of time. If you believe that the passage is tough, I'd advise you to move on to the easier questions of the English Section. However, if the passage is relatively easy (often is the case with IBPS Clerk English), it's alright to invest some time and solve the passage.

Few Tips :

Avoid Lengthy Passages with fewer Questions: No point in reading a lengthy passage to solve just 3-4 questions
Always attempt Synonyms/Antonyms: Even if you're leaving the comprehension section, never leaves easy question within the comprehension like synonyms and antonyms.

Analyze Topic Quickly: Passages on economical or social issues are usually tough. But passages on stories/tales are usually easy. Determine if the passage is tough. If so, move on to the easier questions.

Spotting the Error and Cloze Test:

Here's where the grammar kicks in. If you are well versed with Grammar, this section is going to be as easy as a pie. If not, it might become your worst enemy. Check out my comprehensive Grammar Section for rules and elaborate examples.It's highly likely, most of the questions asked on Error Spotting would be from rules specified in my grammar section.


Building your vocab would not only help you in solving Synonyms/Antonyms, but also in understanding Comprehension passages. You may remember the words either by understanding the etymology (recommended), or via mnemonics.

Traditional Approach:

Contrite means to repent. You may learn the etymology as con- ‘together’ + terere ‘grind down’.

Mnemonics Approach:

Contrite can also be remembered as Contra-in-the-night. "I played Contra the night before the exams, and was contrite later". Means I repented playing contra before the exams.
Sentence Rearrangement: No tricks here. Just plain old school practice. Try rearranging sentences and you'll get the hang of it pretty soon!


If you lack speed in Reasoning or Aptitude, English Section could be your salvation. Not only is it scoring, it can also more than make up for your shortcomings in other sections. I hope these tips will help you clear the English Section of IBPS PO & Clerk as well as SBI, with Flying Colors.

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